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The Stylish Oil Dispenser

Jonas from Hector & Dwight connected with me through Fiverr for this particular project. Initially, it was purely product photography based. I, however, had just started offering website development as a service on Fiverr and Jonas had been looking for one. So, I was more than eager to help out. Jonas wanted the site to look somewhat similar to the Apple  iPhone 12 page- clean, minimal and simple to use. 

There were a few minor hickups during the initial stages of the development. The iPhone web page had a lot of scroll events but still managed to perform efficiently- it was quite fast to be precise. So, I had to think of a way to write code that would not populate the DOM to the extent that it became a rendering problem.

GSAP to the rescue!

Upon researching, I found out that the Green Sock javascript lib (GSAP) was powerful, fast and surprisingly small in size- exactly what I was looking for! I was successfully able to deploy numerous scroll events without affecting the performance of the site.

Currently, the site has been divided into two sub pages- one with the scroll events and one without. Upon reaching the homepage, do click on the Scroll Tour button to check out the animations in action. I was also responsible for all of the photography that has been included in this site. If you’re interested for a product photography based project, I am available for that as well. Just drop in your queries in the information provided in the footer